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Fire escapes are secured means of rapid egress from a building. They are primarily intended for use in case of fire. There are a couple of types of designs available. Many types have been used for commercial purposes as well. Fire escapes are usually a knotted rope or rope ladder secured to an inside wall. It could be an open iron stairway on the building’s exterior, an iron balcony, a chute or an enclosed fire- and smoke proof stairway.

The iron stairway is the commonest because it can be added to the outside of nearly any building of modest height. Although it has certain drawbacks, unless it’s built against a blank wall, it may be rendered useless by smoke from windows, and a means must be provided for keeping it in readiness while denying its use to thieve and prowlers.

The iron balcony extends beyond the exterior of a building to provide a corridor along which persons can flee from fire-imperiled rooms for safety behind a firewall or in an adjacent building. They are designed by well-trained steel builders.


The best fire escape, however, is a fully enclosed fireproof stairway in the building or in an adjoining tower. Elevators are not considered secure because the fire damage may cause them to fail, and heat-sensitive call buttons may stop the car where the fire is hottest.

Fires can engulf a home in 60 seconds! Are you prepared with a quick and safe method of the fire escape? Our fire escapes designs, and model are the latest in iron works. You can’t afford to be trapped in a burning building. Smoke detectors and heat alarms may warn you, but you still need a safe method of escape from a burning structure.

If you are in a home or building with a code specified fixed fire escape, consider yourself fortunate. If not, you need to consider how you would escape a fire. You may have contacted several steel builders for your fire escape ladders without getting what you really want. We assure you that your search ends with us.

We provide a full line of economic chain and rung ladders in sizes not readily available through retail stores at competitive prices. Our customized aluminum warehouse and industrial ladders are ready for use with or without safety cages. Our counter balanced ladders provide controlled access and egress for warehouse and plant operations.

Working across all sectors, we have manufactured fire escapes in schools, hotels, leisure centers, household properties… The list goes on.

Our range of design’s spans from single flight home fire escapes through to multi-floored staircase structures. They all require careful planning and accurate engineering. We are the champion in iron works. We are specialists in replacements that involve the removal of an old fire escape right through to the installation of a new one.