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window guards non-negociable

Why Window Guards Are Non-Negotiable

Why Window Guards Are Non-Negotiable

Needless to say, having a child at home requires you to do just about everything to secure your precious one.
One of the biggest problems that are quite common in big cities is the mishap that involves kids falling out of the windows.
Such mishap normally leads to death or serious problems. One way to avoid this is by installing windows guard rails.

Apart from this, there are certain ways to avoid similar problems. Firstly, it is recommended that you do not leave a young girl or boy unattended in one room where windows are open most of the time. In case, you haven’t installed one, it is wise to leave your bottom window unopened all the time. You may opt to open the one at the top for good ventilation.

Another tip is to ensure that children have nowhere to climb on. As much as possible, you may put your furniture away from your window.
Children may crawl their way on any opening so it is important to always check all the openings of your home.
It is also highly recommended that you do not let your kids play in any of the following areas:

• Close to elevator shafts, elevator lobby
• Anywhere close to steps of stairs
• On areas close to fire egress
• Along the halls without any window guards

If you are renting your flat and it doesn’t have any existing protective guards for the windows — inform your landlord about it.
There should be an accord that will allow you to install one. However, if you are residing in a co-operative then you should not worry about installing them at all.
The management is responsible for the installation of windows guard. Take note of these provisions to achieve a safer home for you and for your loved ones.

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window guards for child

Secure Your Child by Installing Window Guards


Window guards are very crucial to install especially if you have young children and babies. Children possess an unrelenting desire to peep out of the windows and stare at the beautiful nature but sometimes it becomes very risky since toddlers don’t know where they can fall. Children less than 6 years love creeping out but research and surveys have shown that such cases become very dangerous and may take lives of your loved ones.

In spite of their best efforts parents fail to secure their babies. A large number of infant mortality occurs due to falling from windows.

Relax! There is a solution now. Window guards have made it much simpler for the parents to leave their toddlers at home without any worry.
Installing window guards is a very simple process since they come with detailed instructions and tools to help you install them.


Some tips should be considered before installing like screwing them securely, distance between bars, permanent or temporary guards and installation on each window of your house.

Such window guards are available in the market; they are easily accessible due to increase in their popularity. Moreover, they come in different forms and colors thereby, offering a wide range of variety to choose from.
These can be installed at home by following some simple steps. All you need is a screwdriver and a few fastening screws for its installation.

Every package includes a hardware which can be used to mount the window guard. In a common model, you will locate 2 square steel tubes which can be mounted either on the front or on the side edge of windows. Once these tubes get into the place you can fit snugly the guard onto it. You can keep your windows open after installing them without any worry. Moreover, with a wide variety of aesthetic guards, you can stop worrying about the bad looks and complement the beauty of your home.

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